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Today most students can’t afford to pay for their education without any outside funding. On average a higher education costs around 20,000 $ per academic semester.  With a little help from people who know the right sources it is fairly easy to get more than enough money to pay for the academic fees as well as well as living expenses. This is why most students rely on grants and scholarships to financially secure their education. They are many different student grants for college solutions available. The most commons are grants and scholarships. To find out the difference between student grants and scholarships please visit our site grants and scholarships. These sources of funding differ from student loans which have to be paid back after finishing your education. This is why most students rely on grants and scholarships to finance their education.

College Student Grants Categories

Grants are divided into different categories. These categories are:

  • Student specific relying on the income off their families.
  • Subject specific relying on the major they are studying.
  • The degree sdudents are aiming for.
  • If you belong to a minority.

Most of the time the source of grant funding are federal and state governments, the universities themselves or public profits or nonprofit organizations.
Federal grants are the most common source of funding an education. This is also why federal grant programs are the most popular of the hundreds of scholarships that are available.

Federal Grants for College

The most popular of the available federal grants is the so called Pell Grant which exists since 1972 and is the most common funding source for low income students.

Another grant is the „Academic Competitiveness (AC) Grant“ which is available to undergraduate sophomores and freshmen students who can schow excelent academic records and have strong leadership skills. Students who qualify for this grant must also be eligible for the Federate Pell Grant.

Another really popular grant is the „National Science and Mathematics Acess to regain Talent Grant“ (SMART Grant). You need to qualify and recieve the Federal Pell Grant to be eligible for the SMART Grant.

If you belong to a minority you can also qualifiy for special minority grants which would further enhance your financial situation. To recieve more information on minority grants, please visit our page on minority grants. If you are a woman going back to college you can also obtain some further information on special grants which are for women only on our page on grants for women.

Private Grants and Scholarships for College

Beside the Federal Grants there are also many private scholarships and grants. Most off the time these scholarships are offered by private corporations or nonprofit organizations. If you belong to a minority you should also apply to private scholarships because most all the time these corporations promote diversity which also gives you an advantage to secure this scholarship for you because the coorporation allways have to save some spots for minorities.

If you combine all at available sources you can easily finance your studies without any student loans. Always apply to this very common Federated Grants like for example the Pell Grant first. After that you can try to apply to specialized college student grants like for example grants for women or other minorities. With this quantity of applications you will be able to rely on several financial resources that will enable you to finance your education with out any student loans.

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