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Veterinary Scholarships

This page will give you all the necessary information regarding veterinary scholarships. Find everything from submission tips to all the programs available. To finance your education you have to seek out to a vareity of ressources. For once there are several Federal Grants and scholarships available that are open to everybody who pursues a qualification. These scholarships and grants include the Pell Grant or the FSEOG. If you are starting your education as a veterinary or veterinary assistant you should also seek out for these grants because they are available vor everybody regardless of their focus of study, race or religion. Please carefully read the page on Federal Pell Grants and make sure to apply for them. Beside of that you should also look into some topic specific scholarships and grants that are available only for veterinary students or students of medicine in general.


Like for all scholarship and grant applications it is essential to but together a great application for veterinary scholarships as these might give you the opportunity to secure money that you don´t have to pay back after finishing your veterinary education. Below is a list with specifications of special veterinary scholarships including tha ammount of funding, special application deadlines and submisson regulations.

Available Veterinary Scholarships

There are different choices and different sources available for people who seek funding for their veterinary education. You have to remeber that the veterinary field is much smaller that broad fields like medicine in general, law or business and thus there are fewer scholarships available. So if you apply choose wisley to which programs you apply first and put together a perfect and well worked out application.


AVMF Veterinary Scholarship Program

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation gives out scholarships do veterinary students each year to first, second, and third year veterinary students attending accredited colleges of veterinary medicine. These scholarships are only applicable for schools inside the United States. You are not able to apply if you have been accepted into a veterinary school but did not start classes yet.

  • Amount: 1000$ (Students from New Jersey will be awarded a special amount of 1000$ through the the Mildred C.Sylvester Scholarship)
  • Guidlines: Students will be scored and rated on academic excellence, exemplary dedication to their chosen career path, and financial need.
  • Submission: Scholarship Essay and Resume


Saul T. Wilson Scholarship in Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

A veterinary scholarship sponsored by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. This veterinary scholarship named by a dedicated veterinary is taylored towards graduate students in veterinary medicine as well as undergraduate students in the biomedical sciences.

  • Amount: up to 5.000 $ for undergraduate students, up to 10.000 $ for graduate students
  • Guidelines: Must be US citizen, enrolled in an accredited college or university within USA
  • Submission: Resume and transcript of all completed college courses to date.

Saul Wilson veterinary scholarship application Deadline is 1. March

veterinary scholarships


American Kennel Club Veterinary Scholarship

This veterinary scholarship funded by the American Kennel Club is established for more than ten years. Every year $145,000 is available for veterinary scholarships . This is made possible through contributions of $100,000 from AKC Companion Animal Recovery (AKC-CAR) and $45,000 allocated by the AKC Board of Directors.

Further ressources that offer veterinary scholarships in form of moneterial support are:

  • The Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges – They offer several different veterinary scholarships
  • Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine – They offer several (three in total) different veterinary scholarships
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

As you see there are some veterinary scholarship programs available as grants for college students but like for every other field t is important that you match the scholarship requierments and also put together an putstanding application. Usually an application consits of your resume and a Scholarship essay/cover letter. It is essnetial that you put them together with great care. At first you can only impress the scholarship comitee with you achivements and you introductory letter, thats all you have. For tips and advice on how to write good cover letters for your veterinary scholarships applications as well as some sample letters please also look at this site.